12th - 14th May 2023

Grand Prix De France 2023 - Event recap

If you've never been to the town of Le Mans you are missing one of the most underrated destinations of the calendar. Home of the Plantagenet family, the medieval streets counterpoint the most stress-free circuit in Europe. We provide total care in the heart of Le Mans. Great riding destination!

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Grand Prix De France 2024 is published!

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Event review - Grand Prix De France 2023

The charming city of Le Mans is always an eye-opener for newcomers!

Our package was enhanced by sharing the hotel with our sponsored Moto3 Team VisionTrack and our sponsored Red Bull Rookier Eddie O'Shea. We saw much of both over the course of the weekend!

Friday night Eddie and his dad Seb joined Irish journalist Simon Patterson over a lovely French meal and drinks.

The tram system makes getting to and from the track trivial - and people can go on their own time.

LeMans is infamous for its terrible weather -- but when the weather is perfect as it was this weekend, this is one of the most beautiful tracks!

Saturday saw a brilliant sprint race, with our supported rider Brad Binder taking the podium along with Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin. We enjoyed a champagne shower courtesy of Pecco!

Saturday night some of our paddock guests joined us at LCR Honda for drinks and a lovely dinner. We were captivated by the amazing insights from veteran journalist Manuel Pecino

Sunday racing was thrilling. Our sponsored team Gresini put Czech Moto2 rider Filip Salac on the podium!

In MotoGP, French rider Johann Zarco took a very popular podium, enjoyed by some of our team guests celebrating the 1000th MotoGP event!

Closing dinner at a classic French steakhouse rounded out a perfect LeMans weekend!

Picture gallery - Grand Prix De France 2023

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