Marco Simoncelli memorial visit, Misano MotoGP 2019

On Sunday after the MotoGP race some of us will be heading to nearby Coriano to visit the Marco Simoncelli memorial and his hometown. Let us know if you wish to join us.

We will be organising an excursion to Coriano after the GP so see Marco's home town, visit the museum, see the memorial (and including the weekly flame burn at sundown) and possibly have dinner. Since the town will be VERY busy that evening, we are seeking to nail down numbers ASAP.
Please let us know if you will be interested to join us - we will probably leave straight from the track in light of traffic.

[ID: 19807]  (credit: Pole Position Travel)

In the meantime, enjoy a very special acoustic set from our friends Martin and
the rainband, singing their epic Marco tribute song "Rise Again" outside his memorial.

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