Come to a MotoGP as a Team Guest!

How would you like to attend a MotoGP as a guest of a sponsored team or rider? Through our sponsorships we can take a very limited number of clients to see all the action from the inside!

Thanks to our team partnerships stretching back to 2008 we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to join a team as a guest in the 2022 season. Here is the TLDR of it all:

• As part of our sponsorship agreements we may bring a very limited number of guests in 2022.

• We work with teams in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP - Moto3 with Kaito Toba (CIP); Moto2 with SAG Racing; and MotoGP with Gresini Racing. We will announce more partnerships soon

• The number of places available in the paddock for guests has been severely cut back from 2019 levels (roughly 60% drop) and passes may not be shared. All guests will be pre-registered, with their names on the passes

• In Europe you will join the team in their hospitality, with food, drink, coffee and much more, as well as dinner with the team.

• In non-European events, teams don't have hospitality, thus we offer the Team Experience as an add-on to the VIP Village -- getting the best of both worlds! (We can do the same in European rounds)

• At all rounds we offer a VERY limited number of "Platinum" places, the main benefit being that you will join the team on the start grid!*

• We can also offer extremely rare opportunities to be a full sponsor for a weekend or even the season! Ask us.

• We STRONGLY recommend joining us in one of our tour packages. This puts you with one of our expert guides both off-track and on-trap and will enhance your experience. We discount costs somewhat for package guests.

• All clients will collect their credentials** from the team at the accreditation centre. You will have a liaison from the team as well as a dedicated Pole Position Travel guide.

Our regular customers will be aware that the costs have risen significantly from 2019 levels -- this is owing to the reduce availability and increased security and safety costs. On the positive side, we will enjoy a far less crowded paddock compared to pre-COVID years!

Our former Thursday "Insider Night" product has been suspended; and our Saturday MotoGP Night dinner will only be available to team guests.

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*All team experience benefits may be subject to future restrictions imposed by the organisers for health or other reason

**Until further notice, guests will need to show negative COVID tests and/or vaccination certificates. We will advise on specific events

[ID: 21528]  (credit: Gordon Howell (Pole Position Travel))
Happy Moto2 team guests

[ID: 21536]  (credit: Gordon Howell (Pole Position Travel))
MotoGP garage tour

[ID: 21552]  (credit: Gordon Howell (Pole Position Travel))
MotoGP class hospitality

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