We renew our partnership with Moto3 team VisionTrack Racing

Join PPT and VisionTrack for a Moto3 ride through the inside of a MotoGP weekend!

By far the most entertaining formula in the paddock is the Moto3 brigade with non-stop fairing bashing action from the first lap to the last -- you just have to love them! Don't forget the only lady rider in the paddock Anna Carrasco, a former Supersport 300 world champion in 2018 and then recovering from a serious training accident in 2020. She returned to the Moto 3 paddock for a very trying 2022 season and will be back for 2023 onboard the BOE Motorsports KTM, let's hope we see Anna further up the field this year.

Competing against her is Michael Laverty's VisionTrack Moto3 team. Entering their second season, we are delighted to continue our partnership, offering PPT guests two package options. Guests join the team for the weekend, enjoying team hospitality, meeting the young dynamic riders Josh and Scott and the team racing manager Taylor MacKenzie and having an in-depth garage tour. The very limited "Platinum" upgrade also means you join the boys on the start grid!

[ID: 21898]  (credit: Gordon Howell (Pole Position Travel))
Garage tour

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