14th - 16th October 2022

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2022

The beautiful Phillip Island circuit-by-the-sea is one of the favourites of riders and spectators - all MotoGP fans must make the pilgrimage at least once! We use the best resort in the area, just a few km from the track. For circuit hospitality we offer both the Platinum VIP and the High Octane Club with paddock upgrade available.

New VIP Premier Apex offers top hospitality with the added benefit of garage tour, talk and rider meeting, provisionally with WithU Yamaha, Darryn Binder and Razlan Razali!

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Get close to the bikes (and riders!) with the Premier Apex!


Phillip Island new MotoGP VIP Premier Apex product - be in top hospitality and meet a MotoGP Team!

We are delighted to offer the new VIP Village Premier APEX package in the pit roof suites and as a guest of a MotoGP Team. VERY LIMITED

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Special package / Resort / 1 bed (double) with Grandstands / Siberia south / 3 days = AU$2260 €1485   

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