4th - 6th March 2022

Grand Prix of Qatar 2022

Qatar is the perfect season opener. The first night race in 2008 was spectacular, with the added benefit of being able to really pack in the weekend days with dune bashing, city touring, and some of the best shopping on the planet! Great hotels! VIP with paddock access! We've been here since it started in 2004!

Packages for Qatar have been launched and now bookable. VIP Village prices confirmed, information on paddock and team access TBC. Grandstands are not yet confirmed however you can provisionally book with package.

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Event description: Grand Prix of Qatar 2022

Find out more about what we do at Grand Prix of Qatar 2022 and get started with planning your MotoGP experience. We have packages, tickets and excursions tailor made for you.

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1 click weekend:™

Deluxe Hotel / Double Club / 1 bed (double) with VIP Village / VIP Lounge / Saturday & Sunday (2 day) = €2185 £1819   
Classic Hotel / Standard / 1 bed (double) with Grandstands / Main Grandstand / 3 days = €395 £329   
No-accommodation package / Standard / Classic Hotel with Grandstands / Main Grandstand / 3 days = €150 £125   

Video Grand Prix of Qatar

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For all other bookings: Full payment due on booking.

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