8th - 10th March 2019

Grand Prix of Qatar 2019

Qatar is the perfect season opener. The first night race in 2008 was spectacular, with the added benefit of being able to really pack in the weekend days with dune bashing, city touring, and some of the best shopping on the planet! Great opening dinner with guest speakers; great hotels; VIP with paddock access! We've been here since it started in 2004!

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Curently we haven't published our products just yet for Grand Prix of Qatar 2020, but you can still register your interest with us, using the button below. We will contact when the event is releasd to make sure you won't miss anything! For prices you can check this year's products, which gives you a little idea about what to expect!

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"Thank you for another great weekend at Qatar! the opportunity to be inside the garage with the team especially during the exciting qualification, and then see the bikes close up on the track was amazing... See my photo gallery for some of the better pics..." -- Dean

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Event review - Grand Prix of Qatar 2019

We regret that a report of the weekend has not been published. Please contact us for any questions.  

Picture gallery - Grand Prix of Qatar 2019

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