Qatar MotoGP Grandstand Tickets

Please note grandstand prices have been currently set to 0 EUR until officially released by the Losail Circuit.

Catch the amazing MotoGP night race! The grandstands will thankfully be cooler, and sun will not be an issue. Except for the freak rain storm of 2009 you will be safe and dry. The main, and only available grandstand is right on the main straight. The track itself is - of course - flat; with some unique features including MotoGP's only triple right, and the legendary 1.068km 330kph main straight! Tickets are for 3 days. There is a large TV screen, and several food and drink concessions; and they have vastly improved the merchandise selection. We provide a lanyard and Pole Position Travel staff are at the circuit on telephone for any issues. Owing to legal/customs issues, for non-package customers, all tickets must be collected at the circuit Welcome Centre or we can deliver to your hotel for an extra charge. Seats are not reserved, but as the grandstand is seldom more than 30% full, you won't have trouble finding a seat! Free parking at the grandstand.
Prices are set at 0 EUR until confirmed by the circuit. You may make a cancellable reservation, and we will charge you once prices are released.

Grandstands - Main Grandstand - 3 days

Main grandstand 3 day weekend tickets. TV View. Unreserved seating. Children under 11 free. Tickets collected at track or delivered within Doha.
Tickets valid 3 days and admit 1 person
under 11 yrs at event

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