2nd - 4th August 2024

British Grand Prix 2024 - Tickets, VIP & Team Experience

We are not a 'ticket shop' - if you buy a ticket from us you get the benefit of our experience and the security that we will have someone at the event on the day to help you if all else fails. You also get our handy lanyard and our own programme (when feasible).

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Team Experiences (with paddock access)

MotoGP Team Experience Platinum Europe INFO PRICE
Gresini MotoGP - Platinum Info £2950 €3446 CALL
MotoGP Team Experience INFO PRICE
Gresini MotoGP - Standard Info £2095 £2400 €2447 CALL
LCR Honda MotoGP - Standard 3 Day Info £1995 €2331 RESERVE
The Pole Position Club INFO PRICE
Moto2 Team - Standard Info £1195 £1495 €1396 RESERVE
Moto2 Team - Platinum Info £1700 £1950 €1986 RESERVE
Moto3 Team - Standard Info £850 €993 RESERVE
Moto3 Team - Platinum Info £1220 £1295 €1425 SOLD OUT
Gresini Black INFO PRICE
Gresini MotoGP - Event Sponsor Info £5450 £6600 €6367 CALL

VIP & Hospitality tickets

VIP Village - Standard Saturday & Sunday (2 day) Info £2925 €3417 RESERVE
MotoGP VIP Premier Apex INFO PRICE
VIP Village - Premier APEX 2 Day Info £3895 €4550 RESERVE

Grandstands / General admission tickets

Paddock - No ticket Moto2-3 Info £0 PACKAGED ONLY
Paddock - No ticket MotoGP Info £0 PACKAGED ONLY
British Grand Prix 2024 Circuit map

Also see the PADDOCK GUIDE for access and viewing for Team Experience guests (2023 guide so subject to change)

What to buy?
Your ticket strategies are basically:
- Hospitality (in- or outside paddock)
- Lots of grandstands
- General admission

MOTOGP TEAM EXPERIENCE: This sets you up as a guest of one of our sponsored MotoGP teams for a day or the weekend, with full weekend paddock access, pit visits, rider meetings, and more! This is the best experience Silverstone has to offer.

The Pole Position Club: Similar to the MotoGP team experience but with our Moto2 and 3 sponsored teams for the weekend with full weekend paddock access, pit visits, rider meetings, and more!

VIP Village: The best catering, features paddock tours, pit lane walks and more. This is the most relaxing and top VIP at Silverstone