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Bangkok Tour & Travel package to Buriram

Start your tour in Bangkok! Wednesday evening meet our professional Thai guide for a welcome drink. Optionally stay the night in our great downtown 5* hotel; from where we leave Thursday morning for a tour of the highlights of Bangkok. We then take you to the airport, jump a plane to Buriram, with a ground connection to our hotels in Surin. Monday we return to Bangkok. All accompanied by a Pole Position Travel guide! Too easy!

We are going to the Destination of Speed!

Thailand MotoGP Tour launched! 5-7 October Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand.

We are going to Thailand! Join us for the Inaugural MotoGP of Thailand on 7 October 2018! We have launched our initial packages and will take bookings now. Grandstand tickets and further hospitality offers are not yet known, but you can book your tour now and add these later. We have limited space and pre-sale demand is already high - book soon!

Event description

(26/11/17: Please note event tickets and further hospitality options have not been released by the circuit, thus we will not sell tickets independent of packages at this time. If you book a ticket with a package, we will adjust the price once known -- not expected to be expensive!)

Here at last!

For the past three years, our customers at the World Superbike events have been raving about the new Buriram International Circuit (BRIC- aka Chang Circuit). An exciting track with modern facilities, racing there has always been good - in MotoGP it should be surperb!

The riders rate the circuit as well. Jonathan Rea, 3x World SBK champion riding for our sponsored team Kawasaki, has won 5 out of 6 races there, coming in 2nd only once to his team mate Tom Sykes. Their only complaint is the heat! Let's hope it is a bit cooler in October (when it is cooling down) than March (when it is heating up!)

The town of Buriram does not have a lot of hotels, so our main base is at the nearby city of Surin - about a 50 minute drive to the track. Pubs and restaurants catering to oriental and western tastes abound, and while English is not widely spoken, you will be fine with the hotel and our own Thai-speaking guide. The most famous attraction of Surin is the nearby elephant sanctuary - well worth a visit!

Our tour package includes:
- 4 nights B&B (come Thursday to join us at the track Friday to get a good look!)
- Welcome drinks Thursday
- Opening dinner with drinks and star guests Friday
- Track transfers Fri/Sat/Sun
- Welcome packs, including our famous Pole Position Travel "Inaugural Thailand" polo shirts!
- Guides (including a Thai-speaker) on had 24hr for all issues
Plus more options to be announced!

The hotels are a 3* resort-style with villas, and a 4* downtown hotel.

We DO offer a VERY LIMITED "Executive package" in a 3*+ hotel used by many teams & riders IN Buriram 12 minutes from the track. This has the same features and also includes airport collection and a Sunday closing dinner.

You can select any tickets with your packages. We strongly recommend VIP Village for this one, lovely air-condition facility on the pit roof, and you get paddock access! You can also add "Team Experience" to this for garage and track tours. Alternatively you can simply opt for team experience in the paddock (without the VIP)

If you opt for grandstands, we will adjust the price once they are released (but don't expect them to be expensive!)

To get there: Fly to Buriram airport (BFV) and we can organise transport to our hotels (or rent a car) - we'll make it all easy!

Why not start your package in Bangkok? You can add a bolt-on Bangkok tour plus travel door to door to your Surin hotel! Meet your Thai-speaking guide in Bangkok Wednesday evening - and consider staying at "our" fantastic 5* hotel downtown! Remove ALL hassles!

Why are you still reading? Book this now!

Circuit information

Thailand MotoGP 2018 Circuit map

Thailand MotoGP 2018

5th - 7th October 2018


CircuitChang International Circuit
On site helpline
Backup+44 191 406 6260
Event brochure

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One-click weekend!

MotoGP Thailand 2018
Weekend programme

MotoGP Thailand 2018

We provide you with complete weekend tours to all race weekends! All packages below include accommodation, track transfers, track-side opening party, and our expert guiding services. You choose your tickets to match your expectation and you have a perfect weekend. Just click on the package name, select your tickets, party size, dates, and rooming and you are done!

REMEMBER: PRICES ARE QUOTED WITHOUT TICKETS. You may choose any ticket with any package when booking.
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Thai MotoGP Executive Package

from €1150

Quick view

4 nights B&B, airport pickup BFV, welcome pack, guide, Thu welcome drinks, Fri/Sat/Sun transfers, Fri opening dinner, Sunday dinner. Buriram 3*+ hotel superior double/twin

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Thai MotoGP Classic Package

from €399

Quick view

4 nights B&B, welcome pack, guide, Thu welcome drinks, Fri/Sat/Sun transfers, Fri opening dinner. 3* resort standard double room with sofa

MotoGP Thailand 2018

Thailand MotoGP 2018 Circuit map
(26/11/17: Please note event tickets and further hospitality options have not been released by the circuit, thus we will not sell tickets independent of packages at this time. If you book a ticket with a package, we will adjust the price once known -- not expected to be expensive!)

Your main ticket choices are:
- Grandstands (or general admission - we do not recommend this). Detail TBC

- Hospitality. We currently offer the top VIP Village, which also grants paddock access. Further options may be announced.

- Team Experience. You will be a guest of a team in Moto2 or MotoGP. Note that there isn't much team hospitality in the event, we offer an upgrade to the VIP Village which includes most of the MotoGP team benefits, notably track visit and garage tour(s).

We also offer a very limited number of PLATINUM experiences - this is the full VIP with team experience, and adds a service road shuttle and a pass for the MotoGP start grid!

Ticket type
Special offer
Ticket type
Special offer
Ticket type
Special offer

MotoGP Thailand 2018
Parties & excursions

At the moment we are planning just our opening dinner on Friday night. This will take place in Surin.

However watch this space as we are sure to add some optional excursions, such as dinners or a group visit to the Elephant sanctuary. You will be notified of any options.

We also offer an add-on tour departing from Bangkok, with a Thursday morning "highlights tour of Bangkok" following by flights and ground transfers directly to your Surin hotel and back on Monday. Only available to package guests.

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Thai MotoGP Welcome Dinner

Quick view

Entry fee for meal, excursion or other event managed by us

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Bangkok and Buriram Connection

Quick view

Welcome Drink Wed, Thu Bangkok tour, flight to Buri Ram, ground t/f to Surin hotels, Monday return to Bangkok. Optional Wed night in 5* Bangkok hotel

MotoGP Thailand 2018
Practical information

Here's one we have all been waiting for... The SBK events here have been superb - well attended, great track, great racing. And what a country to plan a holiday around! The inaugural MotoGP is sure to be a sellout, get your booking in early!

MotoGP Thailand 2018

Last years event


Thailand MotoGP 2018

7th October 2018

Of course we have been here last year as well! Check out last years results, report and of course pictures!


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