4th - 6th October 2019

Thailand MotoGP 2019 - Tickets, VIP & Team Experience

We are not a 'ticket shop' - if you buy a ticket from us you get the benefit of our experience and the security that we will have someone at the event on the day to help you if all else fails. You also get our handy lanyard and our own programme (when feasible).

MotoGP Team Experience tickets with paddock access

ClubGP Platinum Experience Non-European INFO PRICE
VIP Platinum hospitality - Platinum Non-package Customer Info €2995 BUY
ClubGP Team Experience Non-European INFO PRICE
Moto2-Moto3 Paddock - Standard Info €595 BUY

VIP & Hospitality tickets

Thai MotoGP VIP Village INFO PRICE
VIP Village - VIP Lounge Standard Info €1165 BUY
VIP Village - VIP Lounge Team Experience Info €1350 BUY

Grandstands / General admission tickets

Thai MotoGP Tickets INFO PRICE
Grandstands - Main Grandstand 3 days Info €0 €125 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Rossi Stand 3 days Info €0 €125 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Marquez Stand 3 days Info €0 €125 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Side Stand A 3 days Info €75 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Side Stand B 3 days Info €75 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Side Stand C 3 days Info €75 PACKAGED ONLY
Grandstands - Side Stand D 3 days Info €75 PACKAGED ONLY
Thailand MotoGP 2019 Circuit map

Your main ticket choices are:
- Grandstands. All entrance tickets will have to be exchanged against plastic cards at the entrance of Chang International Circuit; the plastic card fee (20 baht) is not included in the ticket price.
n.b. We sell grandstand tickets ONLY to package customers. If you wish to purchase on your own 10 or more tickets, we may be able to help.

- Hospitality. We currently offer the top VIP Village, which also grants paddock access. Further options may be announced, contact us.

- Team Experience. You will be a guest of a team in Moto2. Note that there isn't much team hospitality in the event, we offer an upgrade to the VIP Village which includes most of the MotoGP team benefits, notably track visit and garage tour(s). Select this to get the MotoGP Team Experience.

We also offer a very limited number of PLATINUM experiences - this is the full VIP with team experience, and adds a service road shuttle and a pass for the MotoGP start grid!