MotoGP VIP Village™

For the ultimate experience of MotoGP™ worldwide, there is no substitute for the official VIP Village. Forget the queues, the crowds, the endless trudge to the grandstands, the inability to escape the heat (or rain), once you go VIP you will never go back! All VIP Villages are in top a/c facilities, usually above the pit building. Open Saturday & Sunday, features include top catering, open bar, pit lane walks, paddock tours, service road tours (not all circuits), Rider visits, official programme, closed circuit TVs, outdoor viewing, display of MotoGP trophy, and perhaps best of all the camaraderie of fellow VIP moto fans! This is also where opportunity knocks - we have had customers meet riders, get autographs, souvenirs, and other treats. At non-European events, paddock access is included (within Europe paddock access is via an escorted tour). There will also be a PPT guide accessible at all events to which we run a tour (almost all events). There are variations in viewing, services, and access. Most European rounds do not permit any track access on Friday, we can recommend options. Non-European events permit Friday access to the circuit and paddock however with no services or access to suite. For a detailed breakdown by event, please see

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VIP Village - Standard - Saturday & Sunday (2 day)
€2660 £2277

Private pavilion at Ramshoek curve; private grandstand, TV view, pit lane walks, paddock tours
Tickets valid 2 days and admit 1 person
EUR 1330 for children between 2 and 15 yrs (<2 free) at event

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