MotoGP VIP Premier Apex

Step above the VIP Village for the ultimate experience and luxury of MotoGP! This is THE product we recommend for our guests - the superb VIP Premier Apex. This offers all the usual features of the VIP Village but brings you much closer to the sport by linking directly with a MotoGP team! The standard VIP features are of course included: 2 days in a top a/c facility, CCTV, luxury catering, open bar, pit lane walks, track views. Going Premier adds a guided paddock tour (as opposed to a simple escort), a visit to a MotoGP garage and talk from team members, a lap of the circuit in the official service road car, an appearance of a MotoGP rider (and frequently Moto2/3), a sunset drinks event Saturday. The Premier lounge is the private, cordoned-off area exclusive to the VIPs of VIP, staffed by experienced, knowledgeable experts. Furthermore going with Pole Position Travel you will also have access to PPT guides to ensure everything is perfect! The VIP Premier is open Saturday & Sunday, and you will have circuit access for most non-European rounds on Friday. Please ask us about Friday options for European rounds; and please check our more details guide on specifics for each venue on: for details

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VIP Village - Premier APEX - 2 Day
€3240 £2773

VIP Premier Apex - exclusive lounge, hospitality, bar, private paddock tour, MotoGP garage visit, special guests, viewing area, PPT guide
Tickets valid 2 days and admit 1 person