27th - 29th September 2024

Indonesian Grand Prix 2024

The long-awaited "MotoGP in paradise" at the new Mandalika circuit in Lombok Island, Indonesia. We have two sensational packages right in the heart of things, both minutes from the circuit: a classic hotel in the town of Lombok, and an amazing 4*+ resort home to the top teams and riders! Perfect event to combine with a holiday!

Indonesian Grand Prix 2024 event description

It seems like we have been looking forward to this event for years!

Skeptical that the new circuit would be ready in time, our fear were alleviated when World SBK had a very successful event here in late 2021. The circuit looks spectacular, and the destination suitably exotic. This is definitely an event you want to structure a holiday around!

We attended the SBK event in 2022; and happy to report the island is gorgeous and the track and facilities, while not quite complete, are excellent. We expect it all 100% for the MotoGP!

We work with a great local Indonesian guide (and MotoGP enthusiast) to ensure all goes smoothly. We only run one package this year, but it is spectacular. A new resort just 8 minutes from the circuit. Great facilities and some villas have private pools!

To get here, you fly to Lombok airport; usually connecting through Jakarta for most intercontinental customers. We can organise pickup from the airport if you need.

Lots of details TBC, but strongly urge you to reserve your place now, as this event will be popular!

Remember you have only one opportunity to be first!

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