6th - 8th September 2024

Gran Premio di San Marino 2024

One word sums up the experience here: Fantastico! Misano's location on the stunning Rimini coast will make you want to stay for days longer - and you can with us, across a range of packages from classic to top deluxe (with heli transfers!), and great dinners Friday and Sunday. Two hospitality options. Ducati Factory/Tavullia tour Monday.

Gran Premio di San Marino 2024 event description

This event is a popular staff pick as one of our most fun events -- and this year promises to be another great one, with an atmosphere that will border on pandemonium. More than most destinations, the Italians go MotoGP mad and this spreads throughout the town, nightlife and people. Riccione - the lovely beach town that we are based - hosts a week long MotoGP pavilion, bars and restaurant flaunt number 46 flags, and one gets the distinct feeling that the entire population migrates to the track in the morning and the town in the evening. To say this is a passionate place would be an understatement.

As befitting one of our top events, we do it all here: Italian and English speaking staff, several coaches and hotels, and our renown parties. We offer three packages for the weekend, with something for everyone! A Classic package puts you in a well-loved cozy 3* hotel in Riccione, our Beach Package is in a great 4* hotel and is our party HQ, and for VIPs we have a brilliant Deluxe Package in the top 5* hotel in the region.

Speaking of VIP: We have the sublime VIP Village as our top hospitality offer - this includes our private guide and private paddock and garage tours. Alternatively join the mad, bad crazy paddock as a team guest in one of our MotoGP Team Experiences with either LCR Honda, Aprilia Gresini or Petronas Sepang Yamaha; or our Moto2 Pole Position Paddock Club. There is also a lovely hospitality pavilion behind the 'C' grandstand, which comes with grandstand tickets and private paddock tours at a great price.

Viewing is excellent, with many TV screens and some great spots. Grandstands A, B and C are covered and reserved seating, which of course makes them attractive, but you actually get a better view from the cheaper grandstand D at the bottom of the longest straight into the downhill tight triple right. For the best value experience, we recommend getting a Prato 2 on Saturday and a D or C on Sunday (you can do this by booking a 1 day ticket and selecting Saturday Prato add-on) The whole circuit only holds about 60,000 people, so we do urge early purchase. It usually sells out.

We time our coaches to miss the worst of the traffic - although don't expect miracles, as Misano has proven a slow exit on Sunday (consider our helicopter option!)

Finally, we pack out the weekend with several special events: On Thursday evening, we host our Insiders' Night in the paddock, with drinks and dinner with our Moto2 team and featuring a guest speaker. On Friday evening we have our traditional welcome party, with special guests, dinner and drinks right at the track. Over the past two years we have featured Cal Crutchlow and Julian Ryder, Manuel Pecino, several riders, amongst others. Saturday evening we offer our MotoGP Night adventure in the paddock with dinner and drinks. Sunday we host a traditional Italian dinner. A VERY special trip Monday to the Ducati factory, then on to the stunning mountain shopping paradise, San Marino, we finish the tour with a visit to Tavullia, the hometown and shrine to Rossi!

This is also a GREAT family destination - kids love the seaside and playgrounds, and we can organise babysitting. Definitely one to plan a few extra days at!

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